We provide Snow Plowing and Ice management services to both residential and commercial clients.

Snow Plowing

iLAND will plow any residential / commercial property after 5 cms / 2 inches of accumulation. 24 hours a day 7 days a week during the snow season (Nov 15th – Apr 15th) as contracted.

Ice Management (Salting)

iLAND applies salt whenever there is freezing rain or rain followed by below zero temperatures. Salt is also applied any time it becomes slippery and/or icy to ensure customers safety and to avoid injury.

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About Winter Maintenance:

  Snow clearing to commence, without call, upon accumulation of 5cms or more of snow, occurring any day of the week.  We will salt if it is below 0 and freezing rain, snow.
  Clearing to commence clearing prior to 6AM depending on time and amount of snowfall.
  In the event of heavy daytime snowfall, roadways will be cleared to allow movement of traffic.
  Application of salt/de-icing to be performed automatically at the discretion of iLAND.
  As necessary, the contractor will re-plow the entrances to the driveways and parking lots to remove accumulation of snow left by municipal plowing to allow satisfactory access to the property.
  iLANDSCAPING will plow snow in a prudent manner to minimize the need for snow removal or relocating.
  Contractor will discuss any snow removal or relocation charges with customer in advance of work.
  iLANDSCAPING does not guarantee any times. We do try to complete our work in a timely manor, but we are dealing with weather. It is too unpredictable.
  iLANDSCAPING cannot guarantee the availability of salt as our suppliers cannot guarantee salt to us. Salt is a commodity and this occasionally can happen. If there is a salt shortage iLAND will contact the customer of this and iLAND will do whatever reasonably possible to rectify the situation.