Our Story

iLandscaping was started in 2003. We began the business in a very small and humble way with a single lawn mower and trimmer. It began under a different business name with two business partners. One of which is current iLandscaping owner Chris Rothwell. The owners had different ideas about how the business should be run, and being that Chris was doing all the day to day work anyways, he decided to go off on his own.

Chris had a vision to offer residential and commercial clients superb value for premium quality lawn, landscaping, snow & ice management services. He wanted to customize each individual client’s service options to ensure their satisfaction. He wanted to do all this while maintaining that individual one to one customer service that is one of our trademarks.

And thus the iLandscaping name was born in 2009 with a customer first focus and we haven’t looked back since. Chris has maintained many of the same customers since that original business in 2003. This is because they have been more then pleased with the quality of our work, customization options,  and our detailed look at customer service. That is our difference.

Our attention to detail both in terms of the work that we do and responding to customer inquiries and concerns are what set us apart. Chris has been in the lawn and landscaping industry for 15+ years and has continuously looked to seek more knowledge in the field through work experience, networking with other landscapers, sweat equity, and completing horticulture courses at Sheridan College. He truly enjoys this business and working outside and his happiness spreads to employees and clients alike.

Many of our employees have also been with us for a number of years because of the great work environment we provide and because our employees truly enjoy what they do. We give each team member the tools they need to be successful. We all strive for the highest quality level of work which is the iLandscaping Team way.

We continue to grow slowly and only take on a certain number of clients each year to ensure our customers are satisfied and so that we can attend to each client’s individual needs. Let us handle your lawn maintenance, landscaping, snow & ice management for the season. You can kick back, relax and focus on what’s important to you in life…your family & your free time! 

We look forward to more great seasons to come and thank all of our clients, employees, families, associates, and everyone who has been part of the iLandscaping Team and made this all possible.

Started the Company
Over a decade ago we started the company, in a very small and humble way with a single lawn mower and trimmer.
Name Change
The iLandscaping name was born, with a customer first focus and we haven't looked back since.
Looking to the Future
With over a decade and a half of experience we continue to grow slowly, only taking on a certain number of clients each year, ensuring our customers are satisfied, and we can attend to each clients needs. We look forward to more great seasons to come!

Cornerstone of our Business

  Sodding / Seeding
  Outstanding Quality Workmanship
  Excellent One to One Customer Service
  iCustomized Services
 The number of services we offer

iCustomized Services

  One2One customer service program
  Weekly Lawn Service Package options
  Day of maintenance selection
  Landscaping Services offered
  Discount Programs
  Payment Options
 5% Seniors Discount
  Neighbour and Friend Discounts
- Save up to 25% off your contract
  Payment Discount Options
- Pay all of the season and save 5% or pay monthly, end or beginning, you can pick the option that works for you!
 Day of maintenance options

Mission Statement

Our goal is to provide all season maintenance and landscaping for local homes and businesses with the highest quality of workmanship. We will strive to do this while also focusing on outstanding one to one customer service. Our competitive advantage is to allow each client to individually customize their service to give them the ultimate maintenance and landscaping experience. We allow them to pick their service plan from payment options to day of service. We want to achieve all these things while also being one of the most reliable companies who have industry average pricing. We will also seek to group all our other services together when possible for all our clients.