Spring time is the ideal time to give your lawn a through clean up of thatch and matted leaves and other debris. This activity alone can be vital in your lawns growth.

Spring is also the ideal time to:

  Prevent weeds with weed control


Did You Know?

Thatch is a tightly intermingled mat of dead & living grass stems, leaves, seeds, & roots that form between the soil surface & grass blades.

To prevent this:

Aerate regularly


Why Fertilize:

  It’s the cheapest and easiest means to a thick, green lawn
  A healthy lawn wards off pests
  A well-fed lawn comes to life easier and is healthier in Spring
  Only put down what is needed. Over fertilization will burn your lawn
  Summer is an excellent time to control insects, such as with a drop spreading
  Moths flying from the grass are a good indication the lawn needs insect control
  Prevent a yellow lawn by regularly watering your lawn
  Water the lawn thoroughly between 1 inch to 1.5 inches per area. Watering in the morning is best
  Reducing foot traffic on your lawn will help to promote a healthy and full lawn



Aerating your lawn improves the flow of water, air, and vital nutrients to the plant roots. This enables them to grow more easily through the soil and thus creates deeper and stronger roots.


iFertilization Programs

Fertilizing is an important lawn care practice as it influences grass color. It also gives the lawn the ability to recover from stress, prevents weed invasions, and stops disease. It can be applied 3 - 5 times a year.


iWeed Control

An organic corn gluten meal weed control application should be done in the spring to effectively control broadleaf growth and crab grass. This should be done before weeds start pollinating early in the spring.